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About iPixel

About iPixel

ipixel is engaged in doing a best Research and development centre to develop LED displays for the designer requirement according to the need and application. Ipixel is engaged in creating any regular or irregular shapes with LED diplay. Ipixel does customised designs, manufactures , installs and maintains the displays supplied.

  1. LED Creative Displays :

    Creative displays are LED displays designed to architectural environment and to match the creative ideas. The salient features of LED over LCD & DLP is with brightness, no pollution, seamless stitching and no limitation in the area. Creative displays is the upcoming trend to attract customer with its unique profile and designer flexible. Creative displays are not only in appearance also in content and material.
    Commercial Complex, Large & Small retail, brand stores, Corporate Lobby, Cinema Complex.

  2. Video wall Display

    Indoor video wall displays are available from 0.8P with a viewing distance of 2 feet approx. to 3.9 with a minimum viewing distance of 16 Feet Approx. These displays are considered to be replacement of projectors and screens, and also replaces large venue projectors and static back drop in stages.
    Auditorium, Board Room, Training Room, Control Room, Knock Centre, Place of Worship, Airports, Railway Station, Corporate Lobby.

  3. Floor Display

    Floor Displays are hard and durable displays used for dance floors, or walking area corridor etc with information on move or with interactive function to attract people. It can be used for architectural designs in floor or stairs.
    Dance Floors, Stairs or any other constructed area for lighting or content display application.

  4. Advertisement Display

    Advertisement is the basic type of marketing to create product awareness and brand promotion. Today era advertisement is all about digital content and digital displays This can be LED displays in indoor or outdoor applications.

  5. Transparent Display

    Today the technology in LED is facing a massive growth than its expected to be. The new line of external environmental displays looks transparent show case and plays the role of display on lighted. This keep the place with information and advertisements for 24 x 7.

  6. Facade Displays

    Complete Façade are covered to present the digital content. So entire elevation is converted to digital information display. Which can be lighted with timer for various lighting applications or content can be shared for information purpose.



Digital Wall LED display
About LED

LED industry is on its continuous invention in growth for more than four decades. Started from single colour displays and now with matching all colours on the displayed content.

The difference between the pixel are reduced with technological developments and understanding the customer need in getting a best resolution of image on displays.

LED industry started with outdoor displays for advertisement and now entered indoor display in and as replacement of projectors in auditorium, sports arenas, large commercial complexes and now a days LED displays entered high end application like knock centres, control room, and infrastructural applications like floor and facades.

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